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Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper Oral Hygiene Tool

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stainless steel tongue scraper oral hygiene tool

Stress less with better breath!Say bye bye to bad breath 🌈👍

What do you get from the tongue scraper?

✅ Better Breath: Bacteria, plaque, and sugars build up on your tongue creating a layer of gunk that really stinks! Spending a few seconds to remove this layer drastically improves your breath! 
✅ Improved Oral Hygiene: Protecting your teeth from plaque leads to healthy gums and strong teeth- invest in your smile for the future. 
✅ Improved Health: Using the Breathing Clean Tongue Scraper will drastically improve your daily hygiene and lifestyle! Never think about bad breath again!
✅ Better Sense Of Taste: Yes! Our Tongue Scraper will enhance the sense of taste by just using it for 20 seconds everyday!
✅ Easy To Use: Simply swish a mouthful of water, drag Breath Rescue Tongue Scraper from the back of your tongue to the front. DONE!
Material: stainless steel
Package: 1 x tongue scraper

 stainless steel tongue scraper oral hygiene tool

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