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3 PCS Pet Dog Mask Face Adjustable Strap Dog Muzzle

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3 PCS Pet Dog Mask Face Adjustable Strap Dog Muzzle
Main Features
Sanitary and Environmentally friend: 
The adjustable dog mask is made of non-woven fabric, breathable, flexible and environmentally friend, the material is harmless to the pet. 
Keep Pet Healthy: 
The dog mask plays an important role in protecting the health of your pet, it anti-fog, anti-gas, anti-dust, secondhand smoke, smog, pollen, etc.
2-IN-1: It also can be as a dog muzzle, helps stop dogs from biting, barking and protects your dogs from eating leftovers in the street. 

It is suitable for various dogs, comes with 3 sizes, 
size S is suitable for Poodle, small Pomeranian, etc. 
Size M is suitable for Corgi, medium dog breed, etc. 
Size L is suitable for Golden retriever, large dog breed, etc.

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