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Outdoor Multi-function Military Folding Spade Shovel With Bag

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Outdoor Multi-function Military Folding Spade Shovel With Bag

All Outdoor enthusiasts need this!👍

As avid campers ourselves, we know just how hard it can be to find good tools that last. We were always on the lookout for ones that don’t take up too much room in your backpack and are lightweight and easy to carry around. This led us to create an entirely new tool, which we combined into a sturdy, lightweight, durable shovel. The shovel features all the necessary tools that require any risk. Our shovels are designed to strike the right balance between durability and strength, ensuring you're ready for anything.

  • The shovel head is made of a 2.5mm-thick 3CR13 plate. After mirror treatment, it is glossy and spotless, and its rust resistance is significantly improved.
  • The handle is made of 5mm thick aluminum alloy pipe, and the thread is changed into trapezoid thread after processing to prevent the thread from being stuck under the impact of gravity. Knife set is a multi-functional machine that can cut meat in the wild, cut vegetables, open bottles, self-defense, fish, sawn wood.
  • The first built-in handle attack cone can easily break the window and also be used for self-defense.
  • A unique detachable attack cone can be replaced more intimate.

Shovel Head Material:3CR13
Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy
The Functions of The Shovel: Shovel, hoe, blade, saw, rope cutter, harpoon.
Scope of Application: Outdoor / Camping / Survival / Tactics / Home

Because the flintstones can not pass the security checking,so we put a plastic rod to instead, thanks for your understanding!

Portable Military Folding Shovel with Tactical Waist Pack & Multi-ToolsPortable Military Folding Shovel with Tactical Waist Pack & Multi-Tools

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