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🔥DIY Knitting Embroidery Kit Material Package

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Poking Embroidery Knitting Material Package

Product includes:

the Embroidery stretch type:
1.embroidered cloth.
2.embroidery wool(high quality 50% extra embroidery wool).
3.the manual.
4. Imitation bamboo embroidery stretch.
DO NOT forget needle if you do not have 
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Instructions for use:
Adjust the plastic pin to D.After the thread is threaded, the inclined surface of the needle tip points toward the direction of advance, poke hard as far as possible, gently lift it, and move it against the cloth surface.At the end of the thread entry pen, note that the thread entry should be smooth or the thread will run up with the needle.The pattern is poked every 3-4 cloth holes, and the background color is 4-5 holes apart.Do not poke too densely.

Poking method: first poke the small color block, and then poke the large color block.

After poking, the excess cloth on the back is sewn with a household needle.


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