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25PCS 3M 9542 3-Layers N95 Protective Face Mask Grey Mouth Mask

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3M 9542 3-Layers N95 Protective Face Mask Grey Mouth Mask

We Need To Protect Ourselves And Our Family  💪💪 

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Better Be Used With Filters Click,Extend the life of your mask.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Filtering Rate: ≥95%  3-Layers of protection
  • By covering the mouth and nose, it prevents droplets from spreading. 
  • 3D solid cutting. Elastic headband.
  • Adjustable nose bridge clip improve the comfort and tightness
  • No fogging your glasses.
  • According to the 3M official report, KN95 is equivalent with N95
Masks should be replaced in time when:
1. When the respiratory impedance is significantly increased;
2. When the mask is damaged or damaged;
3. When the mask cannot be tightly attached to the face;
4. The mask is contaminated (such as when stained with foreign matter such as blood stains or droplets);
5. Masks have been contaminated (have been used in individual wards or contact with patients);
6. Use the mask longer than 5 DAYS

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