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The Definitive Guide On How to Choose A Corset

The Definitive Guide On How to Choose A Corset

1.What is a Corset?

What is a Corset

Corset has been here for centuries, from celebrities to queens and princesses. Eventually, this made the corset grew more on-demand. The corset is a piece of elastic accessory or garment used in the mid area of the body. It can be up to the bust and can be low on the pelvic and hip area. As today's fashion trend, a corset is still the holy grail for versatility and classy style, Often it is incorporated into the dress or any clothes. You can also use it as an add-on accessory, at times it is used as an undergarment or a top to achieve the popular hourglass figure every woman wants to have. This solution was created because the natural curve of a woman's body, especially the mid-portion is more problematic than any other part due to the extra fat stored in this area. And because women's body is programmed to store more fats than men for reproduction a lot of busy woman turn to corset as an alternative way to shrink that belly. If you want to wear one, this is the tricky part! Because not all corsets are created equal. To know better which corset you need will save you time and money from purchasing the wrong one, and here are the four types of corset.

2.What Kind of Corset Should You Get?

a.Overbust Corset

how to choose overbust Corset

This type of corset provides the most coverage, it covers up the breast and just above the hips. Showing less skin and you can even wear this on its own. Black corset overbust is usually used in costumes, lingerie, and strong fashion statements, you can have them with a strap for more support or go bare with none.

b.Underbust Corset

how to choose underbust Corset

A modest look with this kind of corset. It starts under the bust up to the hips. Both functional and easy to use, this provides as a waist cincher that can be worn under the clothes or outside for a unique look. Easy options because it requires waist measurements only.

c.Bustier Corset

how to choose Bustier Corset

If you are opting for a more casual look, this one is good to go. A bra and a shapewear combo, it is more affordable than the corset. And the younger generations would prefer to wear it as a crop top. This can be worn as a costume too. This does not have a cinching effect though, and will not provide structure as the other corsets do.

d.Waist Cincher

how to choose Waist Cincher

If you want comfort while having inches down, this corset offers an instant effect, the elastic material will squeeze in the waist to smoothen out and give you a flattering look on the tummy area. This is usually latex and does not provide a lasting effect. If you need to amp your look in a fitted dress, this will give you a much nicer posture.

3.What's the Difference Between a Corset and a Waist Trainer?

Corsets can be worn casually like a top or costume with or without physical alteration of the mid-section. Corset waist cinchers are designed to dramatically reduced the size of your waistline and redistribute your soft tissues to create an hourglass figure while you wear it. It is typically made of soft latex that does not post a risk to the user. While the waist trainer with steel boning is designed to alter the natural structure of your waist making it smaller and has a semi-permanent effect. The steel boning is responsible for inflicting force, molding of your mid-section into the hourglass shape with a good back posture. It is less stretchy and provides risk if you overdo it, and also has adjustable hooks usually 3 sizes down. If the waist begins to have an extra room that is the time you need to adjust an inch smaller.

4. What Results Should You Expect?

If you are using a cincher corset, expect the effect will give you 2-3 inches down while wearing it. If you opt to use the steel boning corset, the results will give you a more lasting hourglass effect.

5. How to Measure and Select Size?

For getting the size always minus 5 inches (12.7 cm) from relaxed waist measurement for a cincher. And for the steel boning, it's more comfortable to get 2 to 3 inches (7.62 cm) down. Because it is less likely to be stretchy and also, it has an adjustable hook, so adjusting to a smaller size is easy. Always select the closest size. If you are new to using corset avoid ordering too small because you might end up not comfortable using it.

6.How to Choose The Type and Materials of Corset

The type of material may vary on your preferences because it all depends on your needs. But the choices to look for are stretchability, transparency, durability, and breathability. If you are going to use it for casual wear then you can choose the corset that is stretchy and breathable for added comfort. And for steel boning corset that requires longer wear, durability, breathability, and stretchability will give good support. Transparency for both is an option depending on your fashion style.

i.)Choices of Materials

There are a lot of things to consider when selecting the right materials. Starting from the boning, it is the hard material incorporated horizontally into the corset to provide structure, support, and good posture. There are two types of boning, first is the plastic which is usually found in waist cinchers. The plastic boning is more flexible and easy to wear and is best for casual wear. You can easily move and do light exercises with this. You will notice that corsets that are made of plastic boning is more affordable. It is not meant for long-wear as waist trainer does. Second is the steel boning which provides better support. This might be more expensive, but if you always wish to have a more curvy and sexy appearance, having to choose the corset with steel boning is worth the money, and the investment. Because of the durability, you can use it for a long time with proper care. There are also fabric materials to consider when buying. From delicate materials of lace to satin, latex, brocade, silk, mesh, leather, cotton, etc. It all depends if you are looking for comfortability, function or for fashion either way the perfect piece is a fun and rewarding way for you to discover.

ii.)Finding the Perfect Fit

We are uniquely different from one another. So finding the perfect fit should be the major thing that you should consider. Because it can make or break you, apparently having the wrong fit will cause pain if you are wearing a corset with steel boning. Depending on your body type, these three-point areas are the usual issue and must not be overlooked, size of bust, the hips, and torso. If you the average size in those areas, you are lucky enough to buy corset. But for the rest of the ladies having a too big or too small of the said area,do not worry,guidevillage provides plus size corset and extra small size corset.Having a corsetiè,re to make their corset is more convenient, you can have several fitting as well to get your fit right.

These tips will help you find the right style and shape. Overbust is more comfortable than a bra that causes pain on the rib cage if the straps are tight which often happens when you have a large bust. It distributes the weight evenly. An alteration can be done or a custom corset, it is better to do that because the bust apex may be too low if you bought a ready-made. The corset with triangular insets can provide shaping and support to the bust, more than a silhouette shaped with regular seams. The positive thing is that all corsets do provide back support for a better posture.

If you have a small bust, a B cup or smaller you can always make alterations or put bust pads, so that, it will give the illusion of a fuller bust. If you're small-hipped, pretty much you will benefit from any corset achieving that hourglass, just be cautious with sharp hip spring you might end up having too large hips. Look out for a corset that nips in under the ribs that might give a wasp-waist effect. The hip should compress along with your waist.

While on the other hand, pick a straighter neckline if you have an asymmetric bust. You can insert breast pads on the smaller sides, and take time to sort it in front of the mirror to determine the best placement of cutlets for better symmetry. For those who want to start a natural hourglass select for a sharp hip spring, a big no to long-end corsets because it is less curvy. If you are just starting and have a round belly, you need a longline style that is adjusted according to your torso. The displaced flesh can be well managed into proportion shaping. Be sure to wear it with your pantyhose overlapping the corset to have a smooth line without bulges.

If you have a long torso the best corset for you is the short-hip to avoid making exaggerations from the good proportions you already have. If you have an extremely short torso, it is a must to make alterations. Be sure that you can sit on them without poking on your thighs, An underbust corset should not prod on the bottom of your bust, or too high or poking into your underarms. The best bet is the waspie, it will provide with more wiggle room. Also, choose the one which is long at the center and short at the sides.

A wide strap-like halter or cross-back style is best if you have a wide shoulder. Sweetheart neckline will surely flatter if you go for strapless. If you want more security from feeling that the corset might fall off. The good thing is that both underbust and overbust are available with straps.

iii.)A Perfect Corset on Your Wedding Day

buy white corset

On this special day it is important to choose your wedding dress but owning a perfectly fitted corset will complete your overall look. If you are going to wear a tight heirloom dress, have ordered your dress too early, and seems not to fit anymore, and your dress can't give you the support you needed, Don't fret because the solution is to wear an underbust white corset paired with a strapless bra. It will give just the right support without overpowering your wedding dress.


Wearing a corset can be both fun and beneficial to your physical appearance. But before you take on the challenging steel boning corset, start first with the more flexible and soft type, eventually, you can work your self up to be more prepared mentally and physically with a more restrained corset. Setting your goal and consulting experts will optimize your results.

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