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How to Choose the Correct Size of a Corset

How to Choose the Correct Size of a Corset

There are different uses of corsets. While some wear them for fashion, others put them on as garments, and others use them to create a shape they desire. Regardless of the use, however, you would want to buy something that fits you well, bringing out your desired purpose and confidence. On frequent occasions, most shoppers get stuck, especially when buying a corset that matches their sizes. Therefore, if you are one such type of people, you need not worry more. We have provided a guide on how to choose the correct size of corset for your needs. As a general rule, the most important thing to do is to know your body measurements. Don't just depend on the waistline of your clothes as it may not give you the measurements you need. Note that if you happen to buy a corset that isn't fitting, it may cause discomfort and potential health risks!! I bet you don't want to go that direction. With that in mind, here are tips you need to follow:

How to Measure for a Corset?

Some of the measurements you will take includes the over burst, underbust, waist, hips, and shoulders.Here are some tips about taking your body measurements.

i. Over Burst

First, measure the upper part of your chest just below the swell of your breast using a tape. The measurement shouldn't be constricted that much. Also, take note of the following while taking the measurements; 1) the body should stay relaxed, and 2) the measuring tape should be parallel to the floor in which you are standing.

ii. Under Burst

Here, you will use the same tips you've used while measuring the over burst this time recording the circumference of your torso. Again, ensure that the tape is exactly parallel to the ground in order to give you accurate readings.

iii. Natural Waist

The other thing you would want to measure is your waistline. Be sure you stand upright to get the measurements of the narrow point of your waistline. Once you've noted the exact measurements, you can extend it a bit to give room for allowance and that of the rib cage. At the same time, remember to keep the measuring tape parallel to the floor to get the recommended readings of your waits circumference.

iv. Hips Measurement

Here, you will measure the broadest part of your hipbone. In order to achieve this, you need to put together your heels. Make sure you relax all the way to avoid wrongful readings.

v. Shoulders

Remember that the corset will extend just below the shoulders. Therefore, it is important that you select the size that won't squeeze your shoulders much as it may cause discomfort. Using your tape, measure your upper back from one shoulder end to the other.

vi. Shoulder to Waist

In order to get these measurements, you can tie a ribbon around your waist and the other in your shoulder, right below the start of your neck. Measure the distance between the two ribbons.

Factors to Consider

Usually, there exists different types and size of corset. You can learn more here.Using the measurement information recorded above, you can get the right size of corset for your body. As a golden rule, it's always recommended that you select a corset size that is slightly smaller than your waistline. This adjustment is often referred to as inch reduction. For instance, if your waistline has an actual measurement of 30 inches, you need a corset of circumference 34. In other words, the inch reduction, in this case, is 4inches. For beginners, you need to go for a corset, which is at least 6 inches larger than your actual size. However, if you are experienced with corsets, you can get one, which is 4 inches larger than your waist size. Generally, you can go for corsets which are 3 to 4 inches larger than waistline if you want to obtain the following:
· If you are aiming for a slight reduction.
· If you are using the corset alongside underneath clothing for posture support.
· If you have a relatively smaller waistline.
· If your waist muscles are not that much compressible · If you are not interested in waist training or lacing.

For corsets of sizes ranging from 7 inches to 8 inches, the wearer should be an experienced one. Also, your waistline must be of sizes 34 inches or more. Wearing such corsets helps you achieve the following:
· Tight lacing
· Waistline training and exercise
· They help you achieve a dramatic silhouette
· The corsets also help you achieve faster weight loss.

Note that the use of corsets sized 7 to 8 inches can cause shrinking of the hips as well as ribcage.

What Corset Size do I Need?

Now that you've known your actual measurements and explored the different sizes of corsets that exists, it's the right time to find your perfect match. There might be a few specific concerns about fitting the corset into your body. All you need to do is to compare your measurements to the size charts. This provides you with the guarantee of getting a perfect fit.

Final thoughts

Corsets come in a variety of sizes and levels of curve and taste. With this diversity, everyone is always guaranteed to get a perfect size. However, it will take a little more effort to select the rightful size. Whether you are new to corseting or looking for a perfect replacement, there most important thing to keep in mind is size. Once you've known your measurements, it then becomes easy for you to buy a match. While many people are always concerned with the fitting size, it's equally important that you give a second thought to safety and comfort. Don't just buy a black or white corset because you like it, or because it's beautifully designed. Rather buy a corset because it serves its purpose without any discomforts.

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