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Is Raw Salmon Dangerous For Dogs ?

Is Raw Salmon Dangerous For Dogs ?

When comes to salmon, we always talk about vitamin A B and D, essential fatty acid like omega-3 protein bones everything in it.It's packed with minerals like magnesium zinc potassium, all the good stuff that help your dog fights skin irritation,give your dog a shiny coat and good for the brain function.Do not feed your dog with raw salmon,salmon can have a parasite in it,that is deadly to dogs.Salmon poisoning disease that exists in salmon trout.It's deadly,so don't give your dog raw salmon.Salmon poisoning disease doesn't affect any other animal except the dogs.

What is salmon poisoning disease

Salmon poisoning is a bacteria that comes from a worm.So the worm is what they get from the salmon and then that worm has to be infected with this bacteria. It results from eating raw salmon, trout, or salamander and is common in the Pacific Northwest.Once the bacteria gets into the dog,it gets into his bloodstream.It can cause lymph nodes to get huge,lymph nodes occur around the shoulders,behind the knees or the stifles.And they're all big.So these lymph nodes are big because they're fighting infection from salmon poisoning.Another thing that bug does is it causes so much inflammation,get a lot of low platelets and the blood can seep out of the blood system under the skin and cause what we call petechiae. So the first thing they get is a fever which usually leads to them not eating.Then they get vomiting diarrhea classically,their diarrhea is bloody.Some dogs can die within 14 days of infection.Cook salmon is safe but raw is risky.

Why no raw food diets?

We're going to discuss some of the myths and truths surrounding raw food diets.A lot of people who feed raw diets think their pet is like a wolf,they think that their dog is similar to a wolf,wolves eat raw diets so do their pets.To be the healthiest and unfortunately when we look behind the actual science of it,we can see that there are 30 key differences between the genome of a wolf and a dog, dogs and wolves require different things nutrients.A lot of incidental claims that raw food will give your dog better breath, will make their little poopies smell a little better,and overall will make dogs healthier.The key thing to point out is that there's been no studies show raw food diets are healthier for your pet and commercially cooked diets are.And there's no real studies to show that feeding your dog raw food diet is gonna make their breath or poop smell better than a regular diet.If we just keep digging a little bit deeper,there's actually lots of bacteria,there's been lots of reports of raw food diets having bad bacteria which are making animals sick.If you don't heat up the meat there's always gonna be a risk of infection,a risk of contamination from these bad bacteria which are making pet sick.

if you feed a dog a piece of raw meat that have been contaminated with salmonella,he would continue to shed salmonella in his feces for up to two weeks.So raw food is just not the best thing to feed your pet.Your pet matters and so stay away from raw food diets.If you insist on feeding your pet a home-cooked diet just heat up the meat,never forget animals need nutrients not ingredients.

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