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How to Whiten Teeth Naturally and Fast with a Simple Home Remedy

How to Whiten Teeth Naturally and Fast
with a Simple Home Remedy

A smile is the most beautiful accessory a woman can wear, how many times have you heard this sentence?What makes the difference in a smile?Yes,their teeth!White teeth are an excellent business card especially when we talked to someone, they also allow us to make a good impression on our interlocutor.However, coffee ,tea, herbal tea, red wine,smoke and some red fruits like blueberries can contribute to the formation of stains on our teeth, and over the years can make them yellow.Yellow teeth are not considered a real pathology but it is one of the most common imperfections today. Have yellow teeth are very embarrassing, and therefore, you will don't want to smile and laugh. Because showing yellow teeth can affect the judgment of others on you as it can be seen as a sign of lack of oral hygiene.You may wonder how to get your teeth white without expensive professional treatment.

Americans spend billions of dollars per year on professional teeth whitening, which is a treatment that uses bleach to remove stains.Luckily you can have white teeth without spending the time or money at the dentist.Also some people are uncomfortable with the idea of having bleach or other chemicals on their teeth, because they can be irritating to teeth and gums, so they search for ways to whiten their teeth at home.If you are also sick of yellow teeth and want to show a better smile without being ashamed, in this article we provide you with the best natural method that helps on how to whiten your teeth, and that allows you to return to smile without problems or embarrassment.

The ingredients in this remedy are cheap but efficient and they do not attack your teeth the way commercial products do. So find out how you can make your own whitening teeth treatments in just two minutes with no more than three ingredients,these ingredients will help get rid of plaque on your teeth and bring for you aromatic breath. For best results, you should use this method to brush your teeth once or twice a week for guaranteed results.

Here's How to Prepare

Ingredients: Fresh Lemon\ Tomatoes\Toothpaste
First you need to take a small dose of toothpaste in a cup.Then you need to squeeze the juice of half lemon into the toothpaste cup. Finally you take half a tomato, chopped and put in the cup.You mix well until you create a paste to use to brush your teeth. 

Apply the mixture on the teeth using the normal toothbrush and let it work for two minutes. Last you spit out the excess toothpaste and rinse carefully, repeat this method once or twice a week for guaranteed results.

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