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What is Cupping Therapy|How Cupping Works
Cupping Benefits

What exactly is cupping therapy?Does cupping massage work? Will cupping help lower back pain?There's a lot of options out there when it comes to adding new assets to your wellness toolbox, and it helps to get a bit of insight to find what's right for you. So today, we’re taking a closer look at how cupping works and the benefits of cupping.

What is Cupping Therapy

What is cupping therapy

For those who aren't really familiar, let's just talk through what exactly cupping is. It's a modality from traditional Chinese medicine that is centuries and centuries old.It focuses on bringing blood flow to the surface,drawing out toxins,impurities from the body.You're laying on a table similar to a massage, and they're gonna put glass circles on your back, essentially. They're gonna take those cups, line them with alcohol, and then quickly light it on fire and occlude it to the skin, and then it will begin suction. So almost as if you touched a vacuum to your skin and it just sucked it up.Leave the cups for approximately 15 to 20 minutes,and there is five meridians that run throughout the back of the body, which is your chi, your life force.And they commonly will place the cups on those meridians.If your do not like fire,you can get your cupping therapy without fire below.

cupping therapy without fire
cupping therapy without fire

Benefits of Cupping Massage

And cupping has all kinds of different advantages, everything from blood flow to relaxation. It can help people with digestive issues,sleep issues, lung or respiratory problems.It can also help with muscle spasms for athletes and really get that muscle area to relax.Is there anything that you need to do in advance of a cupping treatment,or do you need any kind of consultation to find out if it's right for you.

I would definitely recommend having that, an initial consultation, whether it's 15, 30 minutes with your practitioner or the location, so that you can really ensure that your goals are aligned with the treatment goals that they're going to provide.

Let's talk about the benefits, and how quickly those benefits show up.So you're really gonna look to see the benefits immediately that evening.You will continue to feel those benefits seven to 10 days later.Just feeling more relaxed,a better sense of sleep,and just overall a calmer state of wellbeing. Cupping is something that you do need to have cumulatively to continue feeling those benefits.

What are Cupping Marks

Cupping Marks is cupping painful

They do leave a mark, you see that dark circle marks on your back.You may be concerned, perhaps,about is it painful, what does it actually feel like when you're getting the cupping treatment?Well,in fact,like a deep tissue massage, and instead of being a pushing sensation,it's a sucking sensation.But there's really no pain associated with it.That mark, though, will last anywhere from approximately five all the way up to potentially 10 days.

The main benefits and takeaways here are that this is a treatment that can help with everything from muscle tension to relaxation to blood flow. Really any area that there's an ailment,you're going to be able to at least clear and detoxify that area, and really provide a great sense of wellbeing to any individual.

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