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How To Boost Your Immune System Against Coronavirus

How To Boost Your Immune System Against Coronavirus

Let's talk about symptoms. Now there's a new study out that says half of those infected will show symptoms in about five days and almost everyone will show symptoms by 12 days. Now the CDC believes the vast majority of people who contract the virus will only have mild symptoms.

Carl Goldman was one of those people, he got the virus while he was on the Diamond Princess cruise ship and here's how he described his experience. What's weird about these symptoms and seems to be true for almost everybody is I went days without going, I have the virus then all of a sudden, I jumped from normal temperature to 103°F (39.4°C).I developed a small dry cough, but I don't like colds or other flus that I've had. There was no stopping this to the nose, no nose drip, no sneezing, no body aches, no chills. That was the weird part of this, my worst symptom was the fever for only about eight hours. I definitely dehydrated there are no antibiotics for this, so they were pumping me up with a ton of Gatorade. I've been through every color of the rainbow of Gatorade to keep myself hydrated and other than having the drunk off that still persists. It's getting better now, my containment area was about a 20 by 30 foot room, my wife never got the virus she was put in a lower level. I'm still stuck here while having to three separate tests 24 hours.

The flu was actually worse than Kovac 19.I found one of the more recent case series to be particularly and illuminating and that they described the flu we all know is that sort of stormy onset. One day to the next you feel really sick achy and high fever and that coronavirus seems to be a little bit more indolent. So that means you're starting with sort of vaguer symptoms. In the beginning that dry cough fatigue malaise you know achiness and then sort of it starts to progress and that probably maybe reflect coronavirus is sort of seeding the upper respiratory tract and then in the folks who get really sick. It starts to make its way down into the lung and that's when the shortness of breath and respiratory distress really happens. Later as you pointed out, so really keep an eye on folks who are more susceptible to getting sick and that's one of the reasons that people with the flu just feel like they basically can't get out of bed.

When to go to the hospital or when to get tested? Well here's what the head of Emergency Preparedness at Boston's Mass General said on that specific issue. This is one case where we have to all come together as a society, if everyone comes to the medical system for evaluation even with mild symptoms, it overwhelms the medical system. We're gonna have to communicate from health care system with Public Health with everyone who takes part in this response, we're gonna have to communicate very carefully people need to know when to go see the doctor, when to go to the emergency department, they also need to know when it's safe for them to stay home and that's hard when anxiety is as high as it is right now. But it's an extremely important message inductors are when is it appropriate for people to go to the hospital and get tested. If you are having trouble breathing, chest pain intractable vomiting diarrhea, high fever, you are going to seek medical attention. You'll give your doc a call ahead of time so that they can let the emergency room know ahead of time, so that they can prepare to have you in isolation. If you have mild symptoms, you can stay at home.

What do you do if someone in the house has the virus and they need to be isolated? What does that mean? Home isolation right, so it's very different thing than home quarantine, which is an important thing for viewers to understand quarantine is when you're not sick but you've been exposed and you're just gonna isolate yourself for about 14 days. Isolation is when you're actually sick .The recommendation is that if there is a sick individual in the home with corona virus, there should be a designated area in the house that is just for them. Just to be super cautious. Wash your hands, don't touch your face.

We know the elderly with underlying conditions are especially at risk. What makes someone at a higher risk? So anybody who's got heart issues, lung issues ,diabetes or they're immunocompromised, especially children with asthma? What can we do to boost immune system? First off making us sweat every day does help, it revs your immune system up. Sleep is probably the single most beneficial act. We can take with regard to lifestyle to make sure we were prepared for the onslaught of a virus. And you want to get at least seven hours a night. It's also important to start eating as clean as you can in particular produce is especially valuable it contains lots of antioxidants and vitamins that are generally beneficial for the body's immune system. It allows us to fight back when necessary. Let me throw out some ideas on supplements and all of these are weakly beneficial. There have been enough studies done of them . I feel comfortable recommending it to you. Vitamin D is probably the best prophylactic vitamin you can take. You go out get some sunlight if you want but in many parts of the country still a little chilly. so I think it's the vitamin d3 oral. If you do feel icky coming down with an illness, I'd encourage you to take some vitamin C a little bit morning, a little bit the afternoon. Because it washes out of your body pretty quickly.Zinc is also beneficial in a higher dose. That's what you want to take it all the time but especially in that case might be useful. And then there are a couple ideas like beta glucan which comes from mushrooms that have an elderberry that had been used in some studies again demonstratinga shortening of the course of illness.


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