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Natural ways to regain lost hair

Hair Loss Treatment| Hair Can Grow Back
From A Scientific Perspective

Will hair loss stop?Yes, it is possible for lost hair to grow back. As we are born, the hair follicles which are little sacs placed in our scalp and produced only when we are babies. So we don't get any new follicles, but those existing ones, they underwent changes, especially due to testosterone.

Once testosterone binds to the hair follicle, and it happens in both in men and women, hair follicles slowly gets smaller and the smaller follicles we get, the tinier the hair they can produce and after several years of this damage, there is no more follicles being able to produce hair growth.

So if you want your lost hair to grow back , it's crucially important for you to visit your doctors as soon as possible. And hair loss, or let's say early signs of alopecia, can be noticeable by specialists– those who have been properly trained and who have a lot of experience. So, when you’re recognised, they would advise you to start using medicines and the sooner you start, the better results they get. You can achieve regrowth from those existing follicles, which are really small,but still able to produce new hair fibres.But if you have lost all of your hair and this is lasting for years or decades, then probably this is very unlikely.

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