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Does Black Elderberry Really Boost Immune System

Does Black Elderberry Really Boost Immune System?

What Are Elderberries?

Elderberries are the fruit of the Sambucus tree. The most frequent kind is the Sambucus nigra. The tree has clusters of small white or cream elder flowers and bunches of small blue or black elderberries. The elder berries have being used for their supposed range of health benefits. These include boosting the immune system to assist the body battle off colds flu and different respiratory infections. The elderberry is a native North American plant that can be grown in simply about any seasonal climate. There are many species of elderberries however black elder as the most common for medicinal use. The berry contains a range of advantages in addition to its cold fighting properties. However it can be toxic once consumed raw in massive volumes or when the berries aren't ripe.

Benefits Of Elderberry

Using Elderberry will not only build your immune system but will detox your body naturally. It's absolutely amazing, it has a lot of vitamin C which everybody understands that vitamin C helps boost the immune system. It's high in dietary fiber. It has enough phenolic acid, phenolic acid is in line to bacterial again antiviral antihistamine, antihistamine is good even for the allergies through allergy season and it strengthens this the immune. Studies also have shown that elderberry boosts antioxidant activity in the body leading to less stress. It may also help fight tumor formation by stimulating the body's immune system. Additionally elderberry can be good for the heart. It may be able to lower high blood pressure and can help reduce unhealthy cholesterol. When taken in the correct dose elderberry is safe with few side effects. All together to be a weapon of choice against any virus other benefits include anti-cancer and inflammatory.

You should have Black Elderberry in your arsenal to guard and protect yourself and your family against virus. In addition to all of those benefits that it has in terms of helping you fight viruses like the cold and the flu. It also helps against cardiovascular disease, it helps with longevity which will be one of your favorites. It helps fight diabetes.

How To Make Elderberry Syrup

We will share with you the recipe that for making an elderberry syrup.The berries are very bitter and should not be eaten uncooked because when raw they include a chemical similar to cyanide.The syrup especially is really popular right now, the reason is because it tastes good and it's a very palatable way, especially to get children to take elderberry. Elderberry by itself does not taste good too many people mind the flavor. You can't call it an astringent flavor it's just a very unique flavor that a lot of people do not find palatable, so a lot of people prefer to put it into a syrup form, and it's that way it's gentler on their own tongue and also that children will love to take it.

According to what you have in store, you can change it , you can put in different ingredients and just depending on what you have on hand. If you have fresh elderberries on hand, take the fresh berries and fill up a pot and leave one or two inches of headspace around the pot. So the water is just rising above the level of the berries. Bring that to a slow boil, do not put it on high and or any kind of a high heat and then just bring it to a rapid boil. Start with cold water and bring it slowly to a boil, that allows some medicinal properties or some of the phytochemicals plant chemicals that extract better at a cold temperature. At those colder temperatures bring it to a slow boil and different phytochemicals will extract at different temperatures. You have to stir it constantly, because once it starts to send up those little bubbles from boiling then the berries will clump at the top, so keep it stirring and then you'll notice when it comes to a full boil, it doesn't have to be a violent boil it can be just a hard simmer. And then you can strain out the berries from the water. Vitamin C for example can be destroyed by heat, so you just don't want to go too harshly on it strain out the berries reserve the juice, the berries you can keep and you can do something else, if you make pies or jams or jellies or whatever. You Can use four cups of juice, two sticks of cinnamon and one lemon. Take one whole lemon and juice it down, put in half of a tablespoon of whole cloves, not powdered cloves. Put in one tablespoon or more of minced ginger. Fresh minced ginger will increase the circulation of the blood so that the medicine is carried more quickly throughout the body. If you got dried elderberries, water, raw honey, cinnamon cloves and ginger, you can also make your own syrup and stay healthy.

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