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Delicious Natural Juice to Purify Your Liver and Kidney

Delicious Natural Juice to Purify Your Liver and Kidney

How to detox and cleanse your liver and kidney naturally?Liver and kidneys are important organs in your body because they filter and eliminate toxins from the body to prevent them from accumulating causing damage.Liver cleanses the blood and transfroms harmful chemicals for excretion.It eliminates all toxins by cleaning and filtering every ounce of blood and metabolizing all chemicals, even the good kinds.The role of two kidneys is to eliminate waste and toxins from the blood by turning it into urine after its cleaned by the liver.The kidneys filter out water-soluble waste in response to water and electrolyte concentrations. When these organs are operating an optimal level,you're able to derive the most benefit from the food you eat.However, sometimes they are overloaded.

Excess weight can seriously threaten your health, specifically liver and kidneys.In addition, what you take in your body can also destroy your liver and kidneys, make it hard for them to function properly.This can lead to countless kinds of complications, including renal failure, kidney stones,liver cirrhosis, and hepatitis.

In fact, early death rates from liver and kidney disease are on the rise.Cleansing the liver and kidney is vital because of walking wonders for our health.That's the reason why today we give you a remedy for the purification of the liver and kidneys to eliminate toxins.This recipe consists on only two ingredients and is great miracle for your health.It's main effects are to help you slim down,get rid of your stomach swelling,cleanse your liver and kidney .If excess weight is your problem, you may rest assured that this recipe will help you a lot!Because the ingredients of this recipe are very efficient.This recipe has been used and highly appreciated by many people for many years.

lemon help cleanse your liver
parsley help cleanse your liver

The two ingredients are lemon and parsley.When healthy substances inside lemon enter your body,it detoxifies your liver,rejects toxins and fat cells.It also have you prevent the formation of kidney stones and urinary infections. Parsley is very rich in nutrients,especially vitamin A and C. It is indicated to clean the kidneys and the entire urinary tract diuretic action that fights to swell throughout the body.Therefore,it’s an excellent ally for weight loss.

Here is how to prepare this remedy to cleanse your liver and kidney.
Ingredients Water\ Lemon\ Parsley(or coriander)
First, you need one lemon,then you cut and squeeze the lemon juice into a small bowl.Then you finely chop 25 grams of parsley, because it should not be filtered and you have to swallow it.Next,you put all the parsley in a cup.Then you add lemon juice in the cup.Finally you add 300 ml of water in the cup and mix well.

You should drink this beverage in the morning on an empty stomach for five days, after the 5th day, take a 10-day break and then repeat the treatment.You will notice a weight reduction in your body in a short time.

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