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A Simple Japan Towel Roll Weight Loss Method

A Simple Japan Towel Roll Weight Loss Method

Weight loss has never been a simple task,particularly when you're older, it is no easy task.Losing the extra pounds is tiring.Intense exercise, debilitating diets,expensive drugs and even surgeries: what people can do to lose weight!However, the methods described above are not always effective.Some suffer from hunger with too strict diets.Others ignore their bodies and subject them to a physical massacre.

When there is a significant reduction in the pigment, the hair turns gray. When there is absolutely no pigment present it, turns white. Furthermore, the loss of pigment combined with stress can cause hair loss. There are several causes for this decrease in melanin production. Some are natural,such as genetics, age ,and natural chemical changes in the body. Other causes are due to extreme factors that may be treatable, such as diet and stress. Today we share with you a 100% natural remedy to remove grey hair, it is super easy to make, it can help restore pigment to your hair.

It will only take 10 to 15 minutes of your free time.According to dr. Fukui suji, this technique not only helps to strengthen the muscular structure of the anterior abdominal wall but, over time, it will also allow you to lose extra pounds. The method he introduced is simple and to put it into practice only one towel is needed.

Step 1 Roll a Towel.
Step 2 Sit on the floor stretching your legs forward and place your feet ten centimeters apart.
Step 3 Lie down by placing the towel under the lower back.
Step 4 Raise your arms and spread them over your head.
Step 5 Tilt your feet so that the toes,touching each other, form a triangle.
Step 6 Stay in this position for about five minutes.

It is recommended to perform the exercise on a rigid horizontal surface(for example,on the floor or no a gym mat).You may experience slight pain or burning. If you find it difficult to hold on for five minutes, you can start with shorter time intervals and gradually increase them.Dr. Fukatsu described this method as the ideal remedy to correct the asymmetry of the pelvis and assume the correct posture,a fundamental condition for weight loss. If you have problems with your back, you should consult your doctor before doing the exercise! Please share this with your friends and family.

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