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How to Stop Grey Hair In a Simple Way

How to Stop Grey Hair In a Simple Way

Grey hair is a major aesthetic problem,both for men and women,because it makes a person older than his real age.The number of thirty-year-olds with grey hair is increasing and they’re looking for an effective solution to get rid of this problem.Hair becomes grey,obviously due to aging,it is inevitable consequence of growing older,but also due to a genetic issue,excessive stress,lack of sleep and unhealthy diet.The appearance of grey hair is due to a decrease in melatonin.Some people gray at age 25 and the others see at age 50.

The easiest way to get rid of grey hair is undoubtedly the use of dyes.There are many hair dyes on the market that can cover grey hair.They work well but also be extremely harmful to hair health and the body due to their chemical components.Prolonged use of these treatments leads to hair loss,excessive dryness and serious effects on your mind.Fortunately,natural remedies can darken grey hair without serious consequences,because its ingredients are totally natural.And today we have one for you.With this remedy,just apply twice a week or 3 times a week.After several times,you will realize that the grey hair is gone!

Ingredients and How to Prepare

Potato skin helps to stop grey hair

What you need to do is prepare 5 potatoes.Then you peel the potatoes.Potato skin contains numerous nutrients such as vitamins,minerals,polysaccharides,fibers,potassium,all substances that help to cure,nourish the hair and scalp,thanks to antioxidant or anti-damage actions.Furthermore,the starch they contain acts on the hair,reinforcing it and preventing it from falling too much,as well as making it less day.Next,you pour 2 glasses of water(500ml) in a saucepan,then you add the potato skins.

essential oil of rosemary How to get rid of grey hair
essential oil of rosemary or lavender to prevent gray hair

You cook the mixture until boiling.When the water has boiled,lower heat and cook for another five minutes.After 5 minutes,you remove the saucepan from the heat and let it cool.When the mixture has cooled,your filter the water and remove the potato skins.You can add some essential oil of rosemary or lavender for a refreshing scent.

How to use

You wash your hair,as usual,then you massage the scalp and hair with the mixture not to rinse.Repeat this treatment twice a week or 3 times a week.After several treatments,you will notice that the grey hair will be masked,as the water of the potatoes tends to darkend them.

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